Friday, October 10, 2008

Mineral Make Up

I found the coolest thing!

Everyday Minerals!

Everything is so cheap and have splendid reviews. I will be getting the whole lot next week. I seriously cannot stand the Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation. Cost me a bomb - $26.70 (for someone not working duh!) 

The texture is kind of thick. I don't like the sticky feel at all. At certain days it made my nose itch. I - I got sensitive nosey! Maybe it was because of the brush because after I replaced it with my BodyShop Kabuki, the itch lessen, but did not go away. 

The minerals made my skin kind of weird, like almost oily but no oily, sticky and not smooth at all. I love the color though, I got golden beigh 03. The self included brush was better than my e.l.f  total face brush but of course 100 times lousier than the rela kabuki. It was kind of small and bristles were a little hard and stiff but still softer than the e.l.f total face brush. 

I hate the packaging. Same goes for Revlon Mineral ColorStay. 

I mean, whoever packed these are NOT user friendly at all. Just stick to how it was meant to be used damn it! Not include a weird brush on top or elf cap on top and made it so tiny. I used the brush from Loreal as a blush brush instead. It works pretty well ;D 

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