Thursday, October 02, 2008


Went to school to collect my blazer for NYAA Gold Award ceremony today. Thought I would just pop by The BodyShop to see how their new range of my favourite minerals are doing (I went there to get some yesterday and it wasn't on sale yet!). I decided to get my hands on a Kabuki brush!


It is like THE softest thing that ever touched on my face! I love love love it so much!

It picks powder fine, both my Loreal True Match Minerals and Joppa Full Coverage Minerals SO well. and It Blends like.. abcdefg >.<>

The distribution was very even and smooth. Mineral foundation has never been easier! I simply love and adore this brush! and it is ALL MINE! >.<

Pricing: $33.20 SGD - All bodyshop outlets
Rating: 9.5/10 (0.5 for the hefty price tag)

Then I strolled along John Little, tee laa laa~~

well, I had always loved french manicures but never really have the time to do them on my own fingers. But I figured, hmm, well I might as well do it tonight since I've got nothing to do.

And then I bought a tiny cute bottle of Couleur Inc nail color in Snow White (65).
It says Kwik Drying (why can't they spell Quick?) and Long Lasting.
The colors aren't as thick as my previous whites so I am going to make this brand my little favourite for now.
It is a little more expensive (when I say a little - REALLY MEANS A LITTLE) than drugstore brands - like Fuso but I am sure the quality matters, because I HATE FUSO! ($2.50)
The consistency of it is so much better. And it is less thicker.

What I like about it was that it was a cute tiny bottle, and the brush was small yet big enough for my noobie frenchie!
And voila~ here is what I came up with! My 3rd time - self french manicure.

What I did was to use transparent tapes to tape around my fingers and paint only the top parts. It is so so so much cheaper than buying the pre-made templates which can cost like $6.50 for 20 strips. Using tape (around your house if you could find) is totally FREE!
After 2 coats and drying time- finish with a Sally Hansen Hard as Warps Top Coat. Easily Done. I know it is a little noobie but I am quite pleased with the results this time. The other 2 times were disasterous! Lol.
The Couleur Nail Polish Remover is quite nice too. Retails at SGD$4.00 at John Little outlets.
Nail Colors range from SGD$4.30 to $4.90. Mine was $4.90 due to the slightly larger bottle.
Well, really please with my purchase today.

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