Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gold Award Ceremony

Yup, the best thing my mom could take when I was shaking hands with the president.
I totally need to scan in the article of me on Strait Times. :( Boo Hoo I got no scanner.
My ever happy family - aaron. lol Poor him. He was having his N-levels.
Jennifer is so pretty :) and some guy i don't know. Ahh probably from GAHA.

Well, badge collected, what's next for me? I don't know.

I shall try to be active in GAHA I guess. Life goes on. . .

Miss my daddy so much; wonder what he's thinking right now. Will he be proud of me like he use to?
When I was sitting on the seats, waiting for our turns, all I could think of was my father and how this is going to make him pleased. I could only think of my family and my sweetheart. Hunnie said he was so proud of me.

Even though the entire day did not turn our as calmly as expected, with a bit of panicking here and there, the day was perfect.
Everyone I love was around me and happy together. ^_^
Wish these days last forever and ever and ever.

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