Monday, October 13, 2008

Canmake Eyelash Essence

I want to tell you about the new Canmake Eyelash Essence I bought last night.

Guess what! 

If I had a digital camera and good lighting, I would take some snapshots of my lashes and post them here, which unfortunately I don't!


Thank you very much for recommending me. 

I used to have nice lustrous lashes until I went for eyelash extension. Because I was in Bangkok, did not have access to my full routine, as well as the inability to take care of them, my fingers were always touching them because they looked pretty nice. 

It was when I was touching and rubbing them so much (nope, extensions don't itch), the lashes began to seperate. I found a few sticking out in weird ways so I tried to twist it back. To my horror (and noobiness), it got worse! LOL. 

Anyway, I began experimenting pulling them out and zzzzz, most of my lashes fell off together with the extensions. Sigh. So, my lashes are still average, but short of some hair. I was thinking of going for another extension but Singapore extensions are WAY overpriced. You know in Bangkok hot spots (you have to ask the locals teens), it is like B299 for natural, B399 for nice M/L like mine, and B499 for the glam doll look. It is so much lesser than the $90SGD you got to pay here. 

I was planning for a trip to Bangkok before March but I FOUND the EYELASH ESSENCE. I began searching for more informative reviews and heard it was FANTABULOUS! 

And well, ya you can see how pleased I am and it really works. My left eye, which has lesser eyelashes and some space (because it was the first eye I started yanking of the extensions) has now more hair and same length as the right eye. 

You can use the essence before bed and in the mornings when you wake up. Use it alone and let it condition itself. Use it as a mascara primer and it held up my curl and make my lashes stay exactlly the same when I enter my house at 9pm since 8am. 

It is a liquid based mascara looking wand and is a blue tube like the one pictured in the previous post. I brush on a few coats (3-4) before I go to bed. Use it like how to use a mascara except that focus more on the roots. I am obsessed with them! Lol. 

Some girls said that it took about 1-2 weeks for them to notice the results, but took some overnight! Like mine! I am really pleased with my purchase and will be investing in a good mascara soon. After weeks of research, I am going to get Lancome Hypnose! Online DUH- Not going to spend $50 on a retail store or whatever. 

I would give this a 9.5/10 rating because I have not yet tried other brands like Talika, but the reviews I read were not as good as the Canmake ones. 

You guys should get it! It is so affordable at $15.90 at all Canmake spots like John Little. They are having a 20% sale and goes at $13. 


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