Monday, May 12, 2008

My May - June

It has been like 4 months? since my dad departed. I miss him dearly. Sometimes, words are not enough to describe who my heart really cringes and ache. The pain is so "painful". Sigh..

Looking forward to my Cambodian teaching trip. It's kind of cool I suppose. I get to teach hotel students instead of digging trenches or building irrigation canals. I need to bring my, of course, my camera <3 and phone. Otherwise, I would be stuck in the middle of no where. I am planning a pre-cambodia shopping trip with my mom and girls, get sleeping bags and sutff. Can't wait.

Since I am holding a Thai passport, GOOD GRACIOUS, I need to purchase a ridiculous USD25 Visa for entry. Sobs, there goes my meals. I mean why can countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Philipines gain access to Cambodia without needing Visa? I suppose they still hate us Thais for claming Angkor Wat to be ours? But I shan't pursue the matter. Mom was considering me for a change of citizenship. No way, I SO love Thailand, despite all the losers that roam the streets. I love my King, my flag, my shopping centers and my loves who are living there. Like no way I am giving up my citizenship just like that. Unless well, I get to married to my *ahem* of course, then maybe I can hold dual - citizenships =P hehehehhehehe

Anyway, so many assignments due this month. Need to rush up a little bit. Back to designing T-Shirts for the trip.

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