Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sad Tidings?

Why there must always be sad things in life? Why can't they stop themselves from existing?

You know, the more heart and soul you put into someone, the more he sees the little value of it, the more hurt and sorrow you will get.

I guess, my happy times on this earth are over. Here comes the sad and troubled period. I know myself. I can feel it. Everything I do is never enough. Because no one can ever understand me enough. Is my love not enough? Is my faith and loyalty not enough? What more do you want?

I have given you everything. Big and small. Whatever you wish for, I tries hard to do it. But what do I get in return? I want nothing. I want nothing. I desire nothing. I desire nothing.

Life's sweet joys are a past now. What looms ahead of me is a weave of nothing more than sheer agony. And frustrations. And pain. And suffering.

Is it so hard to find someone who can love me for who I am, and understand me for what I am. And takes pains and trouble to help me as I struggle through the different obstacles of my life? Is it hard for them to accept me into their lives and allow me to knit my life into theirs?

You know how much I would do for you. Thats all I can give to you. If you want my life, then its yours. But please take away all the doubts, sadness, sorrows and pain. I can bear it no longer.

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