Sunday, February 01, 2009

DiorShow Iconic

I don't get what's up with SingPost!

I was suppose to receive my item like last week? and haven't heard anything since. My seller told me (x3 of them) that they had mailed mailed out weeks ago. And not only that, it happens to them too. It's just a small package, why is it taking SO LONG. zzzzzzz

I am missing two NYX Round LipStick from 1 seller, 1 Thalia Shade from 1 and 1 PSP Screen Guard. All had confirmed mailing.. :(

I went to the Cozy Cot cum Very Dior launch of their latest lip color. Frankly, Dior is more known for their lippies, besides Shiseido's Rouge. I don't think their other products are as awesome, with the exception of their mascaras. (Read on)

They gave a private showcase of the new Dior Addict HighShine. I didn't really like it.. Not really want I was looking for. I tested a few shades on my lips by the makeup artist. Real patient and friendly, I was quite a fussy one.

Anyway this is how it looks like....

Looks very runway- high shine and a little shimmery, but I was really looking for something fresh and wholesome. More pinkish orange? Less shimmer? The lipstick felt good though, it glided on my lips quite well. I am suffering from pigmented lips and which in my opinion, sucks! Very hard to wear very light colors because my lip color would overpower the lightest and sheerness of it. I love lipgloss too. =( Especially those baby pink shades.

I am really looking forward to the NYX lipsticks, not only because of their awesome reviews, but the extremely raved shades.


I got the DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Noir Black! I absolutely love this!
Although it a non-waterproof formula, it doesn't smudges! and did not smudge it did! Despite the fact that waterproof mascaras hold the curls better in our humid weather, this one really help up my lashes! I love it so much! The brush, the main curler, helps curl and lift up your lashes really well.

I was actually tempted to get the DiorShow BlackOut Mascara but the makeup artist advised me use this one because people often get the BlackOut for its color, especially when they are using faux lashes.

The only thing I hate about it is that it now make my Maquillage Lash Curler by Shiseido render useless.. because I do not really need to curl my lashes.

I think, before I fly to the States, I am going to get my hands on the Shiseido lash primer. Heard its really good. I am currently using the XL Cils Booster from Lancome. Its okay, not that impressive, does a little bit of volume, but still.. rather normal, even the Fasio Waterproof lash primer does a better job. I went to work with 1 eye Fasio and 1 eye Lancome. Lol. Not a MAJOR difference but still noticeable.


I really love this! It's now my HOLY GRAIL! I love the formula, the brush and also the shiny packaging heheh!

  • Holding Power - 5 Curled the entire day.
  • Packaging - 5 Nice box =p shiny!
  • Color - 3 Not as intensive as the Blackout
  • Waterproof - 0 Er, smears in the color
  • Smudgeproof - 4 Stood well against rubbing
  • Removing - 4 Pretty easy with warm water
  • Would Buy Again - YES!

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