Friday, January 23, 2009

Z.A Spring Essentials Make-up Session

I went to the Z.A Spring Essentials yesterday with Joanna @ Bugis hosted by CozyCot. Kind of far for us but it was alright. The session started great - I seriously couldn't believe the presenter was only 22! She looked older. Well haha. 

First off, we were taught various color combinations - warms, cools and neutrals. Interesting but if you loved as much make-up as I do, you would probably know all of these already. One interesting fact- Red in makeup terms, is a neutral. Bet you didn't know that right? 

We started to look at spring trends. There is a tendency to fall to the fresh and natural look with a dewy glow. The lips tend to look a little brighter, which is good (for chinese new year). The eyes, however, are played up a little. It goes for the more smokey greys look. Not that intensive black but subtle yet noticeable smokey. 

Then we moved on to the hands-on make-up time! First up, the Z.A Metavoltage Cream! Something that I definitely would like to try. The closest thing I can compare it with is the Ginvera Marvel Gel. You need to but it on and let it soften, and dries and then you rub it off. Use that after you cleanse your face. The difference really wasn't that noticeable but yeah, nice, soft and supple. 

Oh ye, I really love the concealer! omg! It's texture is so soft and silky! People with creases on the under-eye like mine surely need something lighter than the cream kind. 

I use both No.2 and No.3, depending on which part of the face I am concealing! Bad week - super hectic ~ didn't had time to take care of my skin. 

Next was the foundation. Ok, I am sure everyone knows about Z.A foundation. It's like the powder that EVERYONE have, used, or still using, at least once! I had 3 compacts so far, might want to go back to it, but I think I shall stick to my mineral foundation for now. I am using shade 22- a little on the yellow side. But I think I prefer the pink version because once I used the BRTC BB Cream, my skin turned slight pink lol. 

We had fun with the make-up, shadows, lippies (the brightest red one is best, trust me) and blushes. I particularly liked the red lip one. It wasn't all RED, it was sheer and very very nice for CNY! I think the shade is L5. 

Must thank Cozy-Cot for creating this event to meet the other cotters and best of all, indugle in our passion! M-A-K-E-U-P!!!! 

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