Sunday, November 02, 2008

Revlon Liquid Liner

This is like my new HOLY GRAIL for eyeliners.

I have used several eyeliners in the past - liquid, gel, pencil, kohl bla bla. Frankly, I am a fan of pencil for several years - Bourjois. Then I switched to kohl. The colors were so pigmented and beautiful (think of Bollywood babes) but it smudges like crazy and I look like a panda (serious). 

I always want to achieve a beautiful cat eye so I decided on liquid liners. My first Liquid Liner (LL) was MISTINE eyeliner. Only available in Thailand and some parts of S.E Asia. It was.. well the brush was great but the consistency was horrible and won't stay at all. 

Next a tried a few others and stopped at Fasio because I think I had enough of LLs. Fasio, well doesn't smudge but FLAKES like crazy. After letting my lids dry, I use my curler over and it starts FLAKING again. 12pm into the day, AND FLAKES AGAIN. I always got mini bits of black dots over my eye and under. The other thing horrible with it but I kept using, was the BRUSH! The brush was simply too long and flexible that it makes application so difficult, especially for my left eye. If you make a mistake, it makes weird streaks all over and when you want to erase it, better do it fast or it will leave black stains. Stains like blotches, not lines. 

The best thing and only I like about them is the color. It was well pigmented, just that it did not last. :( The sales girl was right. It did not smudge, I guess she forgot to tell me about it not being long lasting. =/

Now, moving on. I read so many reviews on the net about Revlon liners saying they are the best! I didn't to get my hands on one despite the enormous makeup bill I already have.  

The color - Great but Fasio's was more pigmented

Lasting - Entire day and night

Flakes - None 

Brush - Felt Tip brush (meaning shorter and more precise application)

Amount - Not so much sadly but that gives me an excuse to get another one soon. 

It is the most fantastic liner I ever used. I used for so many looks and absolutely love the winged-eye flick effect. So cute! It did not smudge, very easy to remove if you made a mistake (very hard to make a mistake though) because of the brush. For that, the price of $17.90 at all departmental stores are alright. I got mine at $16.10 at Metro because of my Card. John Little was not having any promotion then. 

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