Sunday, November 09, 2008


Poor Grandma, she fell down and injured herself. :(

I went to visit my grandmother in hospital just yesterday. Went back home at about 9 pm. Train was freaking packed, it was a saturday mind you. Stood for about 4 stations and lots of people alighted. Sabrina spotted a seat and sat so I stood in front of her. Suddenly, this retarded guy stood behind me. HE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME LOR! Whenever I turned around his STUPID FACE was just inches away from me. And his entire body keep shifting in to me. WTF La. There was so much space at the back and he have to come so near to me! I was naturally irritated and annoyed so I moved closer to Sabrina. THEN HE MOVED FORWARD! Mom was complaining- LOL because she was next to me all along.

Aaron was like, "Jie, kick his crotch."

Ya right, as if I could do that. For I, do NOT have substantial evidence that he was making his progress to becoming a pervert!

So I decided to snap a shot of him. Mom was like - ahh no! because he might snatch your phone away and ran off the train. I told her I was just going to quickly snap and show my boyfriend later. See my baby's reaction :D So he will hurry here and protect me!

Well, showed him I did, and I am going to show YOU!

You can see, well I mosaic-ed his face out but you can see his sinister grin on his cheeky chin cheek right? XD

Gross la! I really felt gross at that moment- but more on the violent side - kick his arse!


* Update

What is wrong with Blogger! It doesn't work with OPERA anymore! I am missing all my rich text formating! And my little target box is now messed up! Grrr! So sleepy, will fix this in the morning :/ Help!

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