Saturday, September 13, 2008

Asian - Americans?

i was reading reading reading while my boyfriend went to bed - asian beauties :] and american beauties. 

Article One 

Article Two

Article Three

I got these links from from this babe called - hellokittiekittie doing the ulzzang look. lol cute. 

Well, what is the obsession with americanised looks anyway. i mean, asians are so pretty. ALREADY! 

oh yeah, first let us define asian -,- stupid i know. but many people still think that asians are chinese, koreans and japanese. to some extent, the smarter ones (but not so smart in my opinion) say filipinos and vietmanese. but what about the malays, the indians? and the other races? lol. what are they? :] 

First up, asians comes in all colors, shades, sizes and physique. not all the small, tiny and small eyed. Or, single eyelid-ed, super fair with yellow undertones. it is just pure stereotyping. 

honestly, i believe everyone is beautiful. they are born that way. it all depends if you take care of yourself, enhance your features, or just let be be "au naturel". i don't know. i haven't seen an ugly person before. even if i do, i will send her/him to me. i will do a literally free makeover.


you see i was reading another article on mix parentage. they say that the kids they produce are kinda unique. interestingly most are beautiful.

i am so proud of my asian - asian parentage. mom's a pure thai, and dad is mixed (long time ago - indonesian)  chinese blood. i know i am vain !! yes yes, but i am not praising myself or saying i am beautiful. it is just that i am very comfortable in my own skin thank you. (maybe a sharper nose) xD 

Here lies the faces of da "ASIAN - ASIAN " 


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beautiful, why so long no new article?

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