Saturday, August 09, 2008

O.O Randomness

Somethings I think too much.

Perhaps I got this trait from my mother 

or father. 

But I guess my mother thinks more because of what is happening around her? 

Anyway, school is FINALLY almost over. 

Being around with my hunnie makes me feel happy at times but sometimes I feel awkward. 

I don't know but it feels weird but then again, I feel so loved and happy and complete. 

When I spoke to my mother yesterday, she said my life decisions are mine to make. 

She said choose wisely and don't FOLLOW TRENDS. That is what my hunnie would probably say because he always tells me he doesn't like "FOLLOWINGS TRENDS". Despite both their similarites, I find it hard to "NOT FOLLOW TRENDS" because I have always lived in Singapore where everyone do whatever they want to follow, but I don't like to follow trends too but when it comes to traditions, I like them because I find them totally sweet, romantic and something esle. 

Anyway, to sum everything up today, I want to say, I love my baby!!! muacks 

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Hamizah said...


little target

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