Tuesday, April 10, 2007


sigh, there so many things which i am unsure of... really... so many...

you know he used to tell me before, how he sets out his time, 2 hours for his girl, 2 hours for his homework and 2 hours for his play. but now, i guess i am not as important as her. since whenever he gets back home, he would say he is tired, then after a few seconds, he would load mh.. ye that's the end. the kind of conversation we have everyday/ or more like once every 3-4 days. he told me before i was better than her in a lot of ways, but that does not mean that he liked me more than her..

is it only my wilful thinking that we have the same level of mutual understanding and love? when someone asked him does he love me, he asked the person to define love.. i try to be as understanding everyday, i tried everything.. but how does he respond? i guess he doesn't know. i guess he will never know.

i know i can never replace her, but what am i thinking? why do i always compare myself with her?
is it because he once told me that she was the image of a perfect girl for him? sigh,
all these thinkings and aches are certainly taking a toll on me. i have never felt so much pain for a guy, usually, i would just, go away kind of thing, or i don't really care.

what should i do? what should i do?

i do not like hurting myself, but i am sad. almost teary. for a guy, is it worth it?

i try to appear cheery to him when ever i talk to him, but i guess he doesn't know.
i guess i am too soft, i know she was harsh and strict, but i am soft and i do not know how to get angry, has he taken this to his advantage? i hate myself now, for feeling so much about him. i want to do everything for him, like a good and obedient girl, i know i am traditional, not headstrong nor frank.

bah, maybe i should stop guessing,
i would have given up on him a long time because i am so sick of hurting myself, i guess with all the encouragement i received from miss maggie let me on and i stayed the same way....

how can i stop myself from crying in my heart?

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