Thursday, February 15, 2007

o.o sigh~

Sigh~ another day which I expected to be wonderful 's hopes has been vanquished. Yes Vanquished. I am disappointed again. and again and again and again. sigh..

if u really want to know sweetie~

my mom said~

I shouldn't put my heart and soul into someone i just know over the internet, or anyone for that matter, whether real life too. I guess she is right then~ because I have been let down so many times.

@Edit~ well, I guess I really do that a lot. If I like someone, I would give them everything I got, It's weird again~ hai~ My mom is going to kill me again~ 
she asked me, (just now) to stop believeing in stuff which I know can never happen. 
Can it really not happen?
Can it really be impossible?

I do want to to happen. Because.. because.. sigh~ because,
nevermind, I think too much.

But I cannot stop trusting you. 
But I cannot stop putting hope in you.
But I cannot stop counting on you. 

Because I think I am in love with you. =/

Sigh~ life's sad.

Mada Mada Dane actually means~ no, not yet.

Ja ne Desu Ka~  Good night~ imma turn in~ be back later.

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