Saturday, February 24, 2007

All Fatty Now~ T.T

Hmm~ went to a restaurant called Hunan Restaurant~ The Yusheng~ >
New year dish~ where you have to toss it ~ the higher you go
the more luck and propersity you get I guess~ well that's their belief anyway~ ^_~ I just have to go along with it~~

Man, the second dish was this 4 sides appetizer~ one was fried eel~
was great~ the galic chicken~ or pork whatever~ was OMIGOSH~
freaking spicy~ EEEEUUU~ I hate garlicz~~~ -.- come on~ I am
not some vampire you got to repell off~ -.-" and the chicken chops were super xxxx~
taste, guess I will make a very
 bad food host then~ ah well whatever~ ^_~> I finally know why
the dishes were all super spicy and sweet and sour~ -.-"
because they were all Sichun dishes~ renowned for their
spicy spicy spicy food~ God Help Me~ they put like ~ what
I think was half a bottle of black pepper into the Shark's
Fin soup~ even though I swore I wouldn't eat any abused
animal~ for me~ and guess what~ I can take any kind of chili
but DON'T ever give me pepper~ I hate those~ makes my throat
all funny and weird~

I thought the second last course which was the Hokkien
 noodles was great~it was a vegetarian dish~
and and ~ I had Tang Yuans for dessert~ but it was funny~
you know~ the way they cooked it~
kind of weird for my liking~


well~ reached home at about 12 am~ so tired and dozed off~
was planning to wake up and wish someone good luck for
his exam today~ but I figured he left for school already~
ah well~ unlucky me~ guessed the yusheng didn't help one bit~


Neverwinter Nights 2 arrived just now~ yay! Thanks a lot
sweetie~ =) kekeke~
and and ~ now, pulling my hair because I cannot figure out
how do I decrease the opacity of a table~ yes I have
done that to a picture~ but not a table~ dumb XHTML and CSS~ -.- driving me crazy~

Guess more reading later~ Cooking noodles now~ yummy~
I love this noodles~ gosh~ >.<

So~ how did your day went~ you look awfully quiet today~
=( Didn't even talk to me~ Something bothering you~?
You know~ you should post on this blog too you know~
since only the both of us reads it~ so so~ I would know
how your day went and all~ maybe you can help me
fulfil this wish of having a 2 way diary~ haha~
while Eion couldn't do it. =)

Have a great day/ night sweetie~ and and~ uhm -.-"
lemme go back to surping my noodles~ <33
Guess I see you soon then~?  Ja Ne~

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