Sunday, January 21, 2007

Should I just Give up?

I am like so lost again~ OMG Love really hurts~ I don't know what
 to do anymore. 
I think maybe I should stop deceiving myself and continue life 
when I left off. 

I can not see hope when we have no time for each other, no 
chance to understand each other. 

Whenever I see him or talk to him, I get all moody and fed up 
and kinda like annoyed that he 
can't do what I expect him to, and I can't do what he expect me
 to either. It is so hard, yet I can't believe 
I fell for him. 

Communication is the key~ right~but what kind of 
communication we have if we don't 
even see one another?

And when I sense his coldness as the days draw by? 

I wish things were back to normal. I wish things were the same.
 I do not have to fall for him 
and I do not have to feel so much happiness whenever I see him. 

me gustas ote quiero 

Ye, glad he understood that~ perhaps that is how I felt towards him.

Perhaps even more.

But some how I just cannot comprehend what is going on. Should I hold on to him? and wish, just wish, for a happily ever after, even when it will never comes true, or I should just move back on to my wandering life? You tell me. Lost in a Race which I know I can never finish.

My sweetie dear~ you tell me. Tell me what to do. Tell me to move on. Or tell me to stay. I know I should never allow you to walk away just like that, because it would hurt my heart so much. But, yet you not getting all the happiness you deserve hurts me the most.

I may be stupid and gulliable, but I know that it is my choice, and that I chose it. I would have to bear all the consequences that I made.

Even if I really make up my mind to give up, would you still be my friend? My very best friend, my confidant? Would you still come and visit me like you promised ?. You know how much I hate broken promises right?

Sigh, I feel like a disaster now. I am lost and my head is spining.

Sweet dreams sweetheart,  

Yours, Little One

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