Sunday, January 28, 2007


This was what I sent my sweetie~ =)  

Ty sweetie~ idk wats wrong or why i am thanking uu~ maybe for the fun we had today~ ( we should have more of such~ fun)

but perhaps it was coz~ uu made things clearer for me. You brought me out from what I thought was self delusion~ <33 and it proved that it was not~ from my side. eventhough i still duno wat uuu wan~ gm is annoyed with ur consultation~ -.-

I had a nice talk with grandma today~ =) what she said was refreshing~

sigh~ can't believed i have fallen for uu~ uu know i never had expected this to happen? at all~ o.o keke~ well surprisingly it did~ =)
and ii am glad~ because it's the warmest and most loved feeling to be around with someone i can always share my thoughts and feelings and is most comfortable around with.. geez~ there i go~ writing an essay again~

remember the question uu asked me earlier~ if we are not to become wat we are to become~ can we remain brothers and sisters~ the truth
like wat gm had also said~ is no.. never~ wat had moved ahead cannot be crossed back~ the line is already drawn. But some how, i feel differently~ i gave uu my answer as such because uu are definitely someone I would never want to lose. be it as my love one~ my brother or my best friend~

well~ also~ u said that time was a factor in a relationship like ours~ <33~ but seriously~ if we put more effort in it~ time would always be avaliable~ =) so ii see no reason or excuse to deny ourselves of something we want~ ( or maybe I am the one wanting it~ -.- )

kekek~ uuu sooo cute~ ah well~

there is 1 more thing which touched meee so much about u out of the many~

wanna know~?


make a guess~

u always said uur guesses are

always right~ ? o.o



uu said to be before~

u are not as rich as eion~

nor as determined as manson

~but uu are uu~ <33 i fell for uu the way uu are.

okiee that really took me by surprise XD seriously~ =) but i am glad uu said that~coz it brought me back to reality~ =) away from my comfort zone~

and puhh leaaassee~ next time~ stop being nervous around me~ <33 i wannt uu 2 be urself~
i wan to capture every moment of it. =)

okiie~ 11.27 pm now~ imma go to sleep before RB~

Ty for today sweetie~ and take care ~ have fun in school~ uu owe me econs tutorial~ o.o

well, watever the outcome of urr consultation~ <33 i just want uu 2 know i very much look forward to this relationship of ours~ whether old or (i hope) new~ =)

=) muacks~ good night my dear one~ ^_~

love~ XXXX

Hope he understood the way I did. =)

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