Thursday, December 07, 2006

Silly koko

I posted a reply about conformity and conventionalism pertaining to making rules in a guild forum. Not that I like rules, but rules are a restrictive arena. And I hate RESTRICTIONS. And that little Bitch came back and gave her comments~ I am so pissed with her. Maybe it is my PMS and mood but she's so idiotic and think that she's always right. Oh and notice her snigs and all her cheery emoticons. I feel like bashing her up and wacking her in the head.

Pffh~ Stupid girl.

Your silly rules are lame.. about forum postings. If she wants to delete any post, let her delete. I don't think we care. She says she do not want to have anything to do with Chivalry, so why is she back? I think, as a guild, we decide who should be our admins and who not.

You said she banned players without telling you. Shouldn't the banning privilage be taken from her as she portrayed immaturity and irresponsibilty?

On the other hand, I think that forums should be about freedom of speech and how we express ourselves. This is not about the rules and regulations but it is about how we communicate. Therefore, I do not agree that the rules be implemented. We are having a guild forum, for goodness sake. Not a MH forums where moderators and GMs just delete posts and ban people. This is a GUILD forum and we know one another well, how one speaks and how we should carry ourselves.

Anyway, some rules as lame as this, I ain't abiding. Sorry ko~ I do not care if the other members don't agree with me, but I see this as a form of injustice. And also on the other note, if she returns again and *PEEKS* at what's really going on in Chivalry, like I said to you many times, people not in guild do not belong in the forums, then I think ko, your forum will be less active than usual. And you should know what it means.

2. No Spamming and No Double Posting Do not spam up the forums with useless stuff. spam will be removed immediately and without any notice. Do not double post (posting twice in a row, duh..) just edit your old post or wait for someone else to reply. It's not hard.

I am often guilty of this, because I double post a lot. So, I am going to be banned? OK, thats fine with me.

And your No.3 /4 doesnt make any sense to me. Like I said, comon la, it is a guild forum, shouldn't we share and tell others if they make mistakes instead of being in the conformity and coming up with regulations as ridiculous as these. (Yeah right, thanks GMs) I am always uncomfortable with conventional ways and in conformity. It is too cold. I want a guild that is warm and understanding and points out mistakes, not given rules to live by. I guess now you know how rules impact me. -.-

Yours, Annoyed.

And she replied with this.

lol using me as a weapon to deal with the prb, thanks sword

Using fool lang on forum is impossible. That was a rule. Cheffe got ban frm forum cuz of using fool lang, He got kick cuz crusing guild mate. That clear enough?. same as that guy...there r no cover for anyone. sorry to say that

btw to Enas .. the guild u want isnt like wut we want to built chiv frm the begining. you were so wrong to think that way. When we all left Animeppl, we want a strong guild, coverred by the rule. The guild also keep the ppl who can help and build the guild. Not the guild cover by others ppl mistake cuz freindship carp. get it? You joined after me, you dont know all the rule. you though others way but wutever. the guild has rule, the forum also has rule. That rule were exit but cuz noone made mistake before, and those post using fool lang i deleted it, some of them still exits. Lol im out of the guild, so dont be stuck up with me =)

So I replied her, obviously pissed and annoyed, she is very annoying and irritating. I have never seen anyone as idiotic as her. Omigosh~

so shut up b****. you have no right to still be here. so dun give me crap.

trust is the most important thing to a guild. i will trust that aiden wont use such language again with such a word like that if u had told him not to. did u tell? No. if we had known, we woukld advise him. what do you know about friendship to talk like that?

i doubt you have much anyway, was a great pity. i trust all those who i consider my friends. and i know they trust me too. also, abt rules, rules are meant to be there, yes but shouldnt we make it as guide lines instead, why reduce yourself to conformity and conventionalism and rot away somewhere. as a guild we can grow stronger and better, with or without rules but with guide lines. there is a thick line between guides and rules and regulations. go dig it out if u dunno. and

why the f**k are you back here? you dun belong here. cheffe was banned from the forum, that was why he could not see wat swordie had posted about an apology. when cheffe was kicked, yeah, so i asked chefffe and told him to apologise to you.

Guess what, he said you deserve it, and now, i really think you do. like u said before, you want things to be done your way, and you do what you want. you insensitive arrogant brat. get real and grow up. anyway, i shouldnt to bothered to reply someone as ignorant and stubborn as you, and you are wrong ko, she's not naive, she's insolent and insensitive.

a key to building a strong guild, my dear girl, is not about making rules. its abt living by a line that binds us together by trust and friendship. if u feel a person dun deserve your friendship, then out the person go. i trust everyone in chivalry

. because i know they trust me too. and what we do, we share. i guess u should know tat by now.

Well, with her limited scope of English, even though she lives in America, ( What a Disgrace), she could't be bothered to read my post, which I think is shorter than my essays~ Ah well~ see ignorance.

lol thanks for wasting time write such thing, but i dont read long post =) and i guess sword know that, so dont have to waste time write it, funny but think wutever u want, i dont mind about u

=) One word for you
LOLL peaces~

btw posting rule numba #3 that i told sword. Others rule i dunno, i didnt say anything about it or make it up =) lol dunno wut wrong with you, others ppl dun care, y u care too much? and dont be angry cuz it make u look old and when ppl got mad, they usually do or say stupid things ^_^

I mean, she's full of bullshit. Where can you find someone as stupid as her?

I hate her so much as I need to love her. God Forbids!!

And what on earth is. 家丑不外传? -.-

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