Monday, December 11, 2006


It is just so hard to hold on to something when you can not see it. It so just so difficult. And near impossible for me.

Don't you agree? I am lost in a relationship which has no route ahead. It seem lost and out of place. It is like it is in Limbo. Neither here nor there, in space which has no time. It is so hard. I do not know how to bring it forward. Maybe I am worrying too much. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe.

Maybe things are just in front of me yet I can not see it. I am somehow blinded by stuff and obstacles which I yet can't see. Why am I this blind? Sigh.

Tomorrow is another day which I will tell myself to hold on to tomorrow.

In fact, there is no hope left for me.

It is like what Aragon's name meant, Estel.

I left hope for man but I kept none for myself. I can help countless people, but I can never help myself.

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