Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Day~

Wee~ Ok this is Like my 6th time signing up for Blogspot. I do not know other better sites than this. Ahh well. I kinda skipped school today. Going to see a doctor about this stupid headache and cough which has been bothering me for the past 2 weeks. I hope I don't get high blood pressure or some disease or anything. Comon' I haven't even had Kids yet.

I haven't played Martialheroes for a few days now. I guess it should get boring after you seen the same guild, same people and same GMs for the past 1 year. Thankfully, I have Chivalry, the sickest guild in the entire game to keep me company. My of course my darling Eion, my big brothers~ swordie, Fei and Haohao~ ^^ .

I kinda missed Advercides, even though they were kinda mean and insentive towards me. Its ok~. Its because I sorta grew up there. My first guild ingame when I was just level 42. They had been nice. Until idiots like Magins came along.Oh well, it had all passed.

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little target

Nickname ~ Ena ~

Nationality Thai ( **Kisses for Shopping, no $$ though** )

Interests I adore gaming~ Martial Heroes~, Perfect World and stuff (Old noob) and I love my absolute FPS game - Wolfteam. I love Figure skating and lots of other cool i don't know. I love Lifehouse music, and I think they are great. So are kelly and christina. I love music that can bring tears to my eyes too. :)

Miss Mood Changer~~ my mood varies ( important part of my development ^_^ )

Expertise Designs and graphics, Colors, texture and Computers. Yummy~ brushes, patterns, photoshop, photographs Also makeup, makeup, lots of makeup! Ring me if you need bridal, D&D makeovers

Occupation Graduate of the one and only Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Media and communications Freelance Host, WebDesigner, Makeup Artist (MUA), Full-time Customer Service officer 


Media and Public Relations, Aviation Authority 

I am a 21 years old graduate of Singapore Polytechnic year 2009 I do feel like picking up the books again but not for something of my line - preferably Dermatogoly or Skin Science. I <3 Science. I don't know why I took Mass Comms.

I want to travel around the world with the love of my life <3 My oyhero ~ and do everything before I die.

Stuff I like

Black Clothes, any Music~, Makeup~, Cameras, Books~, Computers~, and a Nice Big house. ^^ Maybe 100 Billion Dollars is good too. I don't know. Life's too long.