Thursday, December 07, 2006

Adver Baby~

Advercides is a weird Guild. I do not understand why they are so sick in the head. I think that when one's level becomes the top elites in the server, it gets in their head and they become self obessed and insensitive and arrogant. Maybe it is because they played MH for too long and became self claimed elites.

I think elites are not measured by strength alone, but the character of the individual and the capability of working together in a group, as in the co-operation and teamwork he/she must have. I know I can never be an elite. This is because I work alone. I cannot work with people. If I ever do, I must be the one leading the person instead of people telling me what to do. Some how, I have never failed to deliver results. Things which are headed by me, always ultimately turn out right. I am not trying to sound conceited or anything, but it is a fact. Maybe perhaps this fact will change when I face the real working world, because until now, I am only a college student.

Right, back to the topic of Advercides. Many people wonder why I left the guild and questions my credibility. Well, I can tell you, here.

Let me ask you. Is calling someone dear to you, "love", "sweetie", or showing signs of affection towards someone wrong? To those you consider real friends, you want to shower them with your love. Is that wrong? Apparently, Sybrant aka Damien Woo thinks so. He called me a bitch and a slut indirectly. He insulted me and thinks I flirt too much~.

Well, I know what I am doing. I am neither shameless nor wrong. Because to me, they are my friends. You can ask every single one of them, did I ever try to flirt or do anything of an attraction manner. All I can do is laugh.

I had always thought Sybrant was a real friend. He helped me a lot of times. I remember one incident I gave 100MH free, at that time he was desperate for it. When he asked how much he owed me, I replied, "Its ok, maybe in future I will need your help." Haha, I know this debt can never be repaid. He is a mere insolent sight to me now. Come to think about it, Sybrant had helped me once. I was kind of devastated when my parents made me choose Law School instead of a Multimedia and Animations course I wanted. So I sort of cried and he gave me lots of advice. How to deal with it and how to explain to my parents. See what a nice friend he was?

Ah, but that was all in the past. Things between Advercides and me are over now.

I still do not know what exactly happened between MANSON and me. In fact, I miss him a lot. He was a good friend and one who anticipated my thoughts.(Freaky).

One moment he was calling Chocy dear, the next moment he called me. And then, he asked for my +5 set we made together back. Then everything was lost. I did not get it. I do not know why. Sigh, what a long post I made. All these had come to past. Things that were lost can not come back. People who I considered my friends, whom I stuck to thick and thin deserted me. But it is ok. I guess this is a part and parcel of life.

Therefore, Do not Make Decisions You Might Regret. If you do, Say, "Bring it On" and Tackle It!

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