Monday, February 02, 2009


If you don't know something about me and need to know, just ASK you f*king a*shole! Stop WASTING MY FKING TIME and MONEY! $200 = bread for me! Peanuts to you!
I want to so BITCH SLAP you and knock your teeth right off. You impolite SOB. At least answer my freaking question when I want to ask you something. If you want me show evidence, ASK, not stare at your freaking computer screen all the time.

OMG I cannot be bothered with this kind of people. Learn some proper customer service, be more people-oriented. I bet you 1 thousand years her freaking boyfriend hates her. or doesn't have one, if she does, they are probably of the same genre.

My my insolent creature, so want to slap her, can't she be nicer? or her parents didn't teach her any manners?

When people ask you something, AT LEAST HELP THEM. What are you? American? Denying Thais into your country? thinking that they might be prostitutes? Comon girl, you can do better than that.

I don't care if my application was rejected or approved, but I can't freaking stand her attitude. SAY something instead of 'I'm sorry the interview is over'. What sort of interview is that? You can't ask questions, you can't confirm anything? And the interview was done in a open standing booth, like the ones you see in the polyclinic pharmacies except that there is a hugh bullet proof glass.

I am going to reapply again. The next time I see her, I am going to shoot her.


edit* the only people who knows what I am rambling on about are people I started complaining to the moment I stepped out of that stupid place. Drop me a message if you really want to know. And also for advice that you might want/need to know before you head there yourself.

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